Developer Account

How do I get an account on the Geisinger Developer Portal?

Create an account by registering yourself on the Geisinger Developer Portal. Read the Register with Developer Portal section available under Documentation for more details.

Can I change my registered email address?

No, you cannot change your email address once it is registered with the portal.

Can I edit my profile?

Yes, you can edit your profile details using the Edit profile option on My Profile page.

How can I reset my account password?

Click the Forgot Password link on the Login page and provide your registered email address on the Reset Password and Unlock Account screen. You will receive an email with a security code at your registered email address. You can enter this security code and you will be prompted to reset your password.

What can I do if my account is locked?

Contact the Health Plan IT Support to unlock your account.

What is an access token?

Access token is used to verify your identity. An access token will be sent to the email you provided at the time of registration. This access token is valid only for 1 hour and you need to complete the registration process within that timeframe.

My access token has expired. How can I obtain another access token to complete the registration process?

You will have to register yourself again in order to obtain an access token.

What are the steps to login to the portal?

You can login after you have completed the registration process and set your password. Click the Login option present on the home page and enter your email address and password to login.

Application Registration

How can I register an application on the Geisinger Developer Portal?

You can register your application on the Geisinger Developer portal after successfully registering yourself with the portal. After you are successfully authenticated into the portal, you can proceed to register your application using the application registration form. Read the Register an Application section of the Documentation for details.

Can I view, edit or delete a registered application?

You can view your registered application details using the View Application link on the My Applications page. You can edit your application details by clicking the Edit option for your application on the View Application page. You can also delete your application in the Sandbox environment.  

Note: You cannot edit or delete any application in the Production environment.

API Catalog

What type of API Products are available on the portal?

Geisinger provides access to the Provider Directory API and the Patient Access API products. For more information on products, see the List of Products.

How can I subscribe to API products?

You have to choose the API products you wish to use in your application during the application registration process.

How can I change my API products subscription?

You can change your API product subscription by editing your registered application details.

What is Client ID and Client Secret Key?

Every application registered on the portal is assigned a Client ID and a Client Secret key. After you register an application, you can view the Client ID and Client Secret assigned to your application on the My Applications page. You can use the Client ID and Client Secret to authorize your API calls in sandbox and production environments.

How can I test the API products?

You can test the API products by referring to the instructions provided in the Test the API section found under Documentation. 

How to use Try this API feature in Open API Specifications?

You can view the Open API specifications for each product in the API Catalog after you have registered your application. You can use Try this API feature to call the endpoints by passing the query parameters to view the response. For more details, refer Test the API section under Documentation.

Why am I seeing this error for callback URL?

You are getting this error because you have entered your application’s callback URL during sandbox application registration. If you are using built-in OAuth 2.0 feature to test the APIs on the portal/postman, you must leave the callback URL blank. If you are using the OAuth 2.0 Authorization flow with your application, then you need to provide the Callback URL on the application registration form.

Production Access

What is the difference between sandbox and production application?

Sandbox: An application is in the sandbox environment when you register it initially. This environment lets you access synthetic data to test your APIs.

Production: A productionized application lets you access production data i.e. actual beneficiary data. You must raise a request to productionize your application to get access to production data. You can refer to the Production API Access section for more details.

How can I request production access for my application?

You can refer to the Production API Access section in the Documentation to know the requirements before you place a production access request. You can then follow the steps mentioned in the Production Access Process to submit your request to schedule a demo.


Who can I contact, if I face issues, during the registration process or if I have any issues with the API access on the portal?

You can send an email to the Health Plan IT support team at

Where can I read about the upcoming updates to API Products or documentation?

Please refer to the Blog section to read about the upcoming changes to API products.